Why Your Snapchat Won’t Open and How You Can Fix It

Snapchat Won’t Open

Snapchat is a rather fun way to maintain contact with your friends and family, and if it doesn’t work, you might be left out of the group. For these unfortunate incidents when Snapchat is not working, we have compiled a list of ways to fix this problem. Follow the guide below, and you might be able to fix any of these problems that you might be facing.

Why Your Snapchat Won’t Open?

If Snapchat is not functioning, the first thing that you might want o bear in mind is that maybe the whole Snapchat is not working at all. When Snapchat is down, you might want to check if Snapchat is down for everyone.

Down Detector is a platform that will track down all different services and see if the platform is up or down. Go to the Down Detector located on the Snapchat page and check why your Snapchat won’t open.

It will tell you if Snapchat is having problems or not. You can also check the Outage Map to see if the problem persists in different regions.

The next thing you can do is go to the official Twitter account that lists Snapchat. You can always get the latest news about any Snapchat outages and how long the whole thing might take before the platform comes back up and starts running again, so make sure to follow it thoroughly and make sure that you can stay updated with everything.

Close Your Snapchat and Re-open Snapchat

If Snapchat is up and working, but it is not functioning because of you, you should close the whole app and reboot it. If the problem persists, log out of the account and try to log in again. It will resync all the different local snaps on the platform and solve the issue. However, if you uninstall and reinstall the app, it will also work.

Double Check for Updates

Running an older version of the Snapchat app might seem fine, but it might also bring other problems in different instances, especially when large changes have been implemented on the app.

It might be worthwhile checking for the latest updates as well. Open up the Google Play store and see any other extra updates. When you finally login back into the platform, any snaps that you miss out will then be sitting there waiting for you.

Restart the Phone

Like many technological issues, the simplest solution to fix any problem would be to restart the whole device. When Snapchat is not functioning, the same theory applies.

Reset the phone, and you will refresh and get rid of Snapchat problems. If it does not fix the problem, then move on to the next method to fix the issue.

Double Tap on the Internet Connection

If Snapchat or other specific snaps are not functioning, the issue might be your internet connection. A fast way to see if this method is working would be to test other apps that need to use the Internet, or you can open the internet browser and open the Google site. If nothing else works, you may have an internet connection problem.

However, if you are using a data connection, you might want to switch to Wi-Fi or vice versa. You might also want to move the phone closer to your internet router. Resetting the router might solve the problems as well. Even if the Internet works on other devices, you can still reset the router to see if you can resolve the issue. For people who use a VPN, you might also need to disable it when using the Snapchat app. Snapchat might also stop working if other third-party apps, like VPN.

Double Check on Different Network Permissions

If the network connection is functioning well and you can still connect to other apps, Snapchat might not be working because it does not have the right permission.

It is the case when a black screen shows up instead of a camera view. Permissions that are needed might include the phone, location, etc. It is a simple method to double-check the permissions from Snapchat that are inside of the app.

Resetting Network Settings on the iPhone

If the whole Airplane mode tweak is not doing anything, then the next option would be to eliminate network connectivity problems that created issues on network apps by resetting network settings.

It will get rid of all your existing Wi-Fi networks, as well as other Bluetooth connections and APNs as well. Other erratic settings or difficult options that created network problems will also be fully cleared out. If you are willing to try it, follow the steps below. 

1.    From the Home Screen, go to the Settings option.

2.    Click on General.

3.    Scroll down and check on Reset

4.    Pick the option and click on Reset Network Settings.

5.    Once you have been given a prompt, key in the passcode and follow the different instructions to reset the network settings.

The phone will immediately reboot, and when the Reset is done, you can load up all the default network options and other values. To use different online apps and other services, you might need to set up and reconnect to your Wi-Fi. Once the iPhone has been connected, you might want to test the Internet connection by opening the whole browser app. If all the sites are properly loading, you must connect the iPhone to the Internet. All the online services and other apps on your phone must also be working.

What Do You Do When Snaps Are Not Working Properly

If you cannot send snaps to your friends even though the network is working great, there are other options left. First, you have to try to restart the phone as mentioned above. If it does not work, clear up the whole conversation history. Once all the Snaps are properly sent and received, any Snaps that have not been opened will be all gone.

Final Verdict

Now that you know what to do when your Snapchat doesn’t work, you must follow our tips and make sure that you make sure you use our guide to fix your Snapchat.

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