Top Leaders in Network Management Software and Monitoring Tools for 2022

Network Management Software

Here we have the top five management and monitoring tools 2022.

Solarwinds Network Management Software

Here we have one of the first network management software on the list. It is due for the proper reason. These network monitoring tools have been at the top of the list for many years. With the latest release of NPM 12, Solarwinds has also gone up with the usability and primary features of the core product, adding a new UI and other services to aid the person to discover and troubleshoot different network paths bit by bit, like switch stack monitoring and load balancer monitoring as well.

The whole network management software will handle all the basics of network management tools like performance troubleshooting, usage reporting, and fault alerts. Support for heat mapping and network topology advancements and other network topology detection across multiple different sites are also included in this aspect.

Moreover, dependency detection will calculate the different node-to-node dependencies based on different topology connections.

Integrating Solarwinds’ with other monitoring products will help the network monitoring tools provide deeper insights relating to the application stack, from storage to the virtualization to a different infrastructure.

Version 12 also adds extra support for the ServiceNow management system, with different abilities for using the Active Directory for proper discovery methods.

On the other hand, the network management software does not include application monitoring, which people want to see. Finally, different pricing structures are being given monitoring as well.

OpenNMS 18.0

Open NMS Node view

OpenNMS is another type of network management software that is open-source. With the OpenNMS v18, this is becoming easier, but you point the whole thing on the network, and we will provide the network services. However, if you want better control over your handled software, you might use the devices manually. There might also be an option for using different management models in a mix. OpenNMS v18 will also calculate the different node-to-node dependencies relating to topology connections. Like all different open-source solutions, the support model is also a premium support option that you can get from the whole project’s commercial arm.

There are a lot of different data collectors when handling OpenNMS, which might include support for other different types of protocols. The HTTP collector will be able to collect data from web pages and use different regular expressions to extract these different values and extend an app to integrate with the OpenNMS, which might make things simple like writing a text file so that you can access things on a web server.

OpenNMS Network Monitoring Tools

OpenNMS can do different things – but it will take a lot of effort to tame the beast. Configurations might seem complex, but the learning curve might also be steep. Thus, administrator training is highly recommended, and buying the right support via the OpenNMS group is not bad either.

Ipswitch Whatsapp Management Software Tool

Another fierce competition in the field is Whatsup Gold. Whatsapp Gold is a full-featured network management suite. People use different devices on SNMP, but there is extra ability to monitor the application where it will be made available via synthetic transactions.

This network management tool also features WMI support for doing different Windows monitoring and other SSH monitoring for Linux or Unix systems, which will make it ideal for doing different monitoring work for things on the network. It also supports monitoring, making the apps more available and other environments better, like the JMX stack environment.

A large range of plugins is also available for Whatsup Gold, which adds support for different things from VMware and other VOIP management skills from configuration and other different reporting aspects. What’s different licensing models is also rather interesting. Other device-based licensing means that you will still pay the same amount of money no matter how many ports the router currently has.

Intermapper 6.4 Management Software Tool

Intermapper is a good tool. It is based around the whole idea that the whole network map is the most critical thing to a network admin, and the latest version, 6.4, will include a Google Earth view of the whole environment. We will reinforce the different devices and other links from the InterMapper map on the whole background of the Google Earth app. It will make things easy for non-technicians to see the whole network status with a good Google Earth window. Intermapper will include a different set of network polling, monitoring, and alerts. Different trends and patterns will aid you in spotting different problems before users will give you help at the help desk.

A large strength in the whole aspect is the way the map puts in not just devices but different statuses of the connections of the devices. Traffic volume between the different platforms is also represented with a type of crawling-ant display and other bits of trouble that different colored indicators can identify. There are other support notifications and other login information like other products.

  • Alerts on different interfaces. Create different notifiers state that there will be alerts on texts and emails.
  • Colour-coded statuses on different devices. View the map to see if we can connect the device or not.
  •  Extra UI updates.

ManageEngine OpManager Software Management Tool

The software is another full-featured monitoring system. It will be able to monitor the overall network using SNMP and other methods. There are also synthetic transactions available to monitor key apps like web apps and other database servers.

There are also interesting plugins to make the whole management scope add in other network changes and other IP configuration management, which makes things rather handy.

Final Verdict

It is not easy to make things go wrong with network management products on sale, especially different things on the whole comparison test. Each of these products that we have reviewed personally for you is slightly different. The whole challenge is to search for one that works the best for all your needs and requirements.

To give you help, we have created a whole guide to the bottom of the article. Use this guide for help and pick the right software for your needs and requirements. Drop a comment below!


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