The Guide of What Wattpad to Parents


What Exactly Is Wattpad?

Founded in 2006, Wattpad is a site aimed to create a large group reader community for different people to read and write. Many of these users are based on the age of 13 and 35, and most of the readers are women.

Different stories are given to anyone with different tastes and other genres for different readers. Many users use different categories like fan fiction or werewolf, paranormal romance or CEO, etc.

For writers, Wattpad adds extra air to the writing flair, where people can upload a lot of different creative content in a proper format to find the stories they are interested in.

There are also book covers that are designed to make the whole thing look more realistic as well. Stories are also given votes for the quality, and users can also go through the stats and the number of views and favorite lists, etc. Some of the more popular books have many opinions, which is not simple for a free self-publishing website.

The Whole Promise of During Story Publications

The success stories are also published on Wattpad, which goes further beyond simple social media accumulation of different likes and views. Some teenagers got a real-life deal from her latest success of The Kissing Booth. After the book was published, Netflix bought over the rights and turned it into a well-known film. Multiple deals like their recent success have taken other books, such as famous authors, on Wattpad, and there doesn’t seem to be any additional slowing down. One the whole way to reach this level of success, there might be a way for writers to get paid for their stories on their platform.

It is easy to see how it can make kids’ creativity the best and make stories that can lead to money and fame. While many people agree that it is a good thing when the kids want to turn their stories to fire when they write on Wattpad, there is a dark side that parents might have to learn about.

Mature Content is Inappropriate Content

One of the more popular book genres on Wattpad is romance, which has a rating of “Mature” on the website. Stories that are tagged as mature include:

  • Uncensored sex scenes.
  • Suicide, homicide, genocide scenes.
  • Different depictions of violence might include other types of abuse.

However, despite the whole rating system, no content on Wattpad is determined by the age, where kids of different ages can read all of these stories. When you take a deep look at the Wattpad’s different guidelines for the content, it does ban a lot of other subjects. To bypass these restrictions, many of these writers will bend the rules by misspelling certain explicit words.

Therefore, like any other site that produces user-generated content, you might have to identify and get rid of stories that violate the terms that will take up time, and the person can read for a while. Other subjects that young children might encounter include incest, toxic relationships, etc.

Are There Any Security and Privacy Settings On Your Wattpad?

Wattpad has a lot of different functions to give your child help to remain safe and private on the platform.

Report Issues: Go to the help menu by putting three lines on the top left-hand corner and click on “Help,” then double-tap “Report a Problem”- then send in the issue by filling out the relevant details. After that, click ‘Submit.’

Report Stories: Click on the whole story and then report it accordingly. Swipe down the entire screen to see the menu, and then double-tap three dots on the top part of the right-hand area. Double click on ‘Report A Story’ and pick the right option and key in the email address and other details on the issue.

Report User: Go to the user page and double tap on the three dots on the top part of the page, and click on the “Report” button, then pick the right reason you wish to report on the selected user, and enter the cause, and double-tap “Reason.”

Mute Users: Go to the author’s page double tap three dots on the top-right hand corner, and click on “Mute.” Make sure to double confirm by clicking “Mute” again. To mute the person means that the person cannot follow you, send different messages or post on the profile or even drop any comments on the stories.

No Tracking: If you have managed to enable the complete tool, then a 3rd party will thus stop collecting the user data. You will still require this data to get into the account, double-tap the three lines from the top corner of the left-hand side, and tap on “View profile.” Tap on different settings on the top part of the right-hand corner, then tap on “Privacy settings.” Here there is a “Do Not Track” function.

Threats That Kids on Wattpad Might Face

Some other writers might use Wattpad to express their dark lives as a way to heal, but young teenagers who go across these stories might not be emotionally prepared to swallow these stories, and some might rub off on a bad story well. Kids with eating disorders might have some chemical reaction by different statements relating to anorexia – it might also make the readers further engage in destructive eating behavior. It is especially if teenagers are growing up and they are more confused with changing hormones, and they start to develop self-destructive behaviors when they read all sorts of weird things on the internet.

Another bad thing about these stories is incestual relationships, like father-to-daughter relationships or student-teacher relationships, which makes kids think it is alright to have these types of relationships, horrifying stories.

Based on Wattpad, the child has to be 13 years old or older to get an account. It is not a hundred percent appropriate for all kids, but parents should know how to let their children learn about their desire to use Wattpad. Encouraging their kids to write would be a good thing, and they should know how to use writing platforms.

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