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Teens Periscope

What is Periscope?

Periscope lets people explore the whole world by creating and watching different broadcasts live. When the broadcaster goes live, and people share their video and audio location data with viewers, viewers can also interact with it using real-time texts and emojis.

You can follow different people to obtain notifications in the app or watch the different links that are on Twitter. These broadcasts are also called ‘scopes’, and they are also posted 24 hours for people to see, and after that, these videos are deleted.

If the person wishes to use a “scope”, they can take it down using Katch. Me. The periscope teens resource is rather popular, and it posts popular scopes, and there are guides on good scopers. The teens on periscope have the minimum age is 13 years old.

The whole story is about how the Periscope begins to sound interesting. Bernstein and Beykpour created Periscope. These two people produced an idea about the Periscope when they travelled abroad in 2013, and one of them tried to see what was happening in protests in Taksim Square, and when he opened Twitter, there was nothing there.

Thus, these two people began a company in February 2014 and raised 1.5 million to fund the project.

Twitter bought over Periscope before Twitter had officially launched the platform. Periscope was officially launched in March 2015.

In 2015, it stated that Periscope had surpassed about 10 million accounts, and about four decades of videos are being watched every day.

Parent Concerns

The whole app was live-streaming one whole event. Unlike Youtube or Instagram, there is also time to figure out what exactly you are posting. With the app, it is all live. Teenagers are not good at making proper decisions, so it would be better for adults to tell their kids what type of digital footprint they are leaving on the internet.

Another problem is the whole privacy issues for other people. Say that the teenager is “filming” a party of people who did not know they were being filmed. What if the child broke the social media laws and posted videos inappropriate for film or photo taking of people without their permission?

The most dangerous thing that teenagers can do is share inappropriate content or stream videos with sexually explicit content on the internet. Parents need to be beware.

The app does not store broadcasts, but it can save the broadcast by using different software. The whole video can exist online forever.

What Do Parents Have to Be Aware of Teens Periscope?

Risky Live Streaming – Live streaming is what it does. There are no undo buttons or rewind buttons, and you are going live in real-time with many different followers. Periscope has a few differences from YouNow and Meerkat, with different abilities to different restream streams for 24 hours. You can create a different private network of friends for video streams. Both Meerkat and Periscope let people store the video streams that are available for download for permanent download.

Friends and Comments – Similar to different social media platforms, viewers can “join” or “leave” streams that people “love” in real-time. Hearts are the main currency of the platform. The more hearts the streamer receives during the videos, the higher the person will climb on the “heart ranking” of the platform.

Another Privacy is Possible – Different privacy settings let users stream different groups of friends or the other side of the Twitter world. Once the user is going live, their Twitter followers are then notified. Many people who are using the app have no idea what things should not be going live.

Porn Is Outlawed – There are terms and conditions of Periscope on the website. Nobody should post porn or sexual content on the Periscope platform and explicitly graphic content to create more violence or other dangerous activities. Later in the Guidelines, it states that the “Periscope reserves certain rights to allow sensitive content when it is rather an artistic, or newsworthy idea.” When the inappropriate activity becomes rather common at night, people might even live stream porn.

Blocking Features – Periscope is also blocked with ”social networking” on a different category on OpenDNS. There are no monitoring reports for parents on what is going on in the app.

If Your Kid Is Using the Periscope

If you see the Periscope icon on your child’s mobile device, please go and talk to them about it. Use different skills from the Smarter Parenting site to work with the right solutions and produce a safety plan for your kid online. Using the proper skill of Effective Communication can help you with online safety.

The real skill of “Preventive Teaching” might also aid your child to know what they should do if they do something inappropriate on social media. The real skill of decision making can also let the person make rational decisions about social media and online safety. These things will prevent the whole family from dangers on the internet. There are so many different things that have to be learned by your child before they are safe on social media.

Final Verdict

While these apps are going viral on the internet, it might be important to help your kids decide whether they are doing something right or filming something that is not real. It might not be an app they need, and there might be a budding journalist or show host who wants to use Periscope and feel the whole idea is rather intriguing, but it is a great tool for kids to do things in a safe, smart, way.

However, the app is useful if you exercise control, but make sure that your kid is doing the right thing streaming the app online. Stay safe, and good luck streaming!

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