Method on How to Stream on Twitch from Xbox

How to Stream on Twitch

First, you have to go to your Xbox One, go to the Microsoft Store, and download the app. After that, you can learn how to stream Twitch from Xbox by opening the Twitch app and logging in to get a six-digit activation code.

The guide explains methods to stream Twitch using an Xbox One. Make sure to follow the instructions on all different Xbox models.

How to Stream on Twitch from Xbox

To stream the Twitch on Xbox One, you need to download a free app from Twitch. Here is how you can get your free app.

Use the search option to find the Twitch app, and you will get a purple icon. When you type it, make sure to click on the app. The platform will take you to the app’s official site in the store.

You can also find the app installed on the Xbox One console in the Games and Apps screen that you can find in the guide that opens up when you press the Xbox circle button on the Xbox controller.

Connecting the Twitch to Your Xbox Console

To ensure the Xbox One broadcasts to a Twitch account, you must create the first connection via your computer. After you have linked our Twitch account to your Xbox console, you do not need to repeat this procedure unless you want to change different Xbox consoles or switch to another Twitch account.

Sign up on the official Twitch website on the web browser on the computer and key in the login credentials.

Open the Twitch app and key in the login credentials on the Xbox console. The app will then give you a one-time security code.

On your computer, in the same web browser that you login into Twitch, visit the real activation webpage and key in the code from the Twitch app.

Starting the First Twitch Steam and Testing it Out

The first time you can stream from your Xbox console, you will need to run a few tests to ensure that everything is functioning properly and the audio quality and visuals are working properly. Here is how you can set everything up properly.

Open your Xbox game that you wish to stream. You cannot stream to Twitch without the game becoming active. It is okay to open it and then leave it on the title screen. You don’t have to play the game right away.

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Return to your console dashboard and open the Twitch app. Click on the broadcast button on the left side of the screen to reopen the Xbox One game and make the Twitch app shrink on the ride part of the screen.

Click on the Broadcast title section and rename the Twitch broadcast area. It might be anything that you prefer. This is what the stream will be called on Twitch websites and other apps.

Double-tap on settings. You can see a preview on the Twitch broadcast that looks like a small window on the top part of the Twitch tab.

If you have a Kinect connected to the Xbox One, you can see a preview of what the Kinect sees in the stream window. You can disable the option in the Kinect tick box if you wish. Reposition your current Kinect camera in the stream by clicking on a certain box on the screen.

The feature for you to auto-zoom will make the Kinect focus on your face while you do some streaming. Once you disable it, the Kinect will show every different thing you can see of the entire room. The option is made to focus on the things you are trying to stream.

You have to make sure the option of enable Microphone is ticked. It will let your Kinect of the connected mic be attached to your controller, pick up different things and let you know what you should say while streaming.

Obtain Feedback and Reviews on Your First Twitch Stream

It is also a good idea to ask a friend to watch your stream the first time and give you reviews on the broadcast quality and different sound levels. If there is a lot of lagging, you have to return to the Twitch settings and pick a lower quality setting for your broadcasts.

What Do You Need to Twitch Stream on Your Xbox Console

To stream your Twitch to your Xbox console, you do not need to do anything else beyond these different basics.

Any console from the Xbox family-like Xbox One, Xbox One X will be sufficient to do the testing out for your streaming.

A wireless connection or a wired internet connection is fine, but the faster the internet is, the better the broadcast quality is.

One good television set is also required to connect the console so you can view the gameplay properly. A functioning, workable Xbox One controller is also needed to play the game and let the Twitch navigate properly.

Streaming Your Video with Sound on Twitch

If you want to add footage of yourself and provide voice narration on the video and audio, you might also have to follow a few terms.

You need an Xbox One Kinect Sensor as well. The device is mainly used to record video content for your Twitch stream, but it can also work as a microphone. In addition to making your broadcast better, the Kinect also lets Xbox One owners have different voice commands, get good Skype video calls, play different video games like Just Dance, etc. It is all up to you.

The Kinect Adapter is supposed to work for original Xbox One consoles, and the owners of other versions will have to find out how to buy the Kinect Adapter separately. If you don’t, the adapter will not work properly. You can ask your friends or family to look at the first stream before you finally upload your stream.

Final Verdict

Finally, finish setting up your Xbox console? Start streaming today!


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