How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

how to turn off vanish mode on instagram

Today we have a guide on how to go into incognito on Instagram and change your privacy settings when you use Instagram.

How Do You Go Incognito on Instagram and How You Can Utilize It

Users of Instagram will use different privacy settings on various social media platforms to let them use diverse data to stay in place. In the whole case scenario, the entire result will also control how safe your private information is. Once you are using social media, you have to know whether your account is remote enough, and you might want to change the privacy settings from time to time.


Many users can self-tailor their different profiles to different photos that they intend to share on Instagram. Instagram focuses on images, and its rules on Instagram are completely transparent. These profiles can either be private or public, determining if that person has the right access to follow you. You do not wish your fans to bounce right off your photos. Many people set their profiles to the public because they want to be popular on social media. You should learn how to use their Vanish mode on Instagram.

Setting Up Your Account Settings to Private

Creating your account from public to private is a rather simple thing that you can do. You can lock down the profile completely. It means that you can go forward, and no one will be able to view the different photos or other stories unless you give your fans the right approval.

Once your account turns private, many people will also visit the profile and ask for your name and shape. Proceeding that, these followers will also request to turn into your followers and confirm the request before these people can view your photos and stories on Instagram.

One crucial thing to bear in mind is that your current friend list will still be able to follow all your stories and posts even if you change your Instagram profile to private. However, if new friends want to view your current seats, you will have to remove them from your friend list.

To delete these people from your friend list:

  • Go directly to the profile, and double click on followers.
  • Scroll on the friend list and tap on the “Remove” button by the other’s person name that you are willing to get rid of.

The whole Vanish mode from Instagram has a new privacy setting on the chat system. Here is how you can use the feature.

Thus, the truth is that anything on the internet that has been posted will never be deleted. 

Now it should be able to work the way it should. You might not have to bother about different messages being read by other people if they read their phones, and it is a good thing for people not to be able to hack your phone and view your different private stuff on your phone. It might be difficult if you have a lot of friends messing with your phone and disturbing your privacy. The more privacy you have, the better things are. You might want to control privacy on Facebook or Twitter, not just on Instagram.

With this Vanish Mode, you can also carry out different private chats that disappear right after being read. We also show you how to properly go incognito on the Instagram profile in the entire article.

How to Go Incognito on Instagram

To activate incognito Mode on Instagram:

  • Open the app and double tap on the chat section.
  • Pick one message and make a new message thread, then scroll downwards.
  • Swipe towards the top part of the webpage and release the finger to activate the whole mode properly.
  • Once incognito mode has been activated, the whole social media platform will enter dark mode, and there will be other emojis popping from the top part of the entire screen to let you know that you are in incognito mode. Send your messages directly the proper way.

How To Close Incognito on Instagram

To close the whole feature:

  • Open up the chatbox where you have managed to activate the Instagram vanish mode.
  • Swipe your hand upwards from the phone screen, and hold on to the screen until you can get rid of the Vanish mode.
  • Swipe all the way again to get rid of Vanish mode

All other different messages will go away once you close the chat window.

If the entire feature does not function when you open the app up, you have to know if the app is updated or not. Once you do not have the latest updated version of the app, you will be unable to open up the Vanish mode, which is not available in the region.

Why You Should Learn How to Go Incognito

Before you can use the Vanish mode feature on this platform, here we have a couple of things to remember. You also have to learn how to turn off vanish mode on Instagram. 

The whole feature only functions when two different parties try to follow each other on Instagram. It is also a safety setting taken by the business, so you don’t have to handle additional messages from strange people on the social media platform.

It is an opt-in feature with different people and also declines the whole request, and you have full control of your online chat experience.

Why You Should Activate Vanish Mode on Instagram

Incognito mode is good if you are scared about people going through the whole chat system. Once you value your privacy and safety, you might want to take proper advantage of these different features. It suits users that want to use private chats as well.

Final Verdict

Now as you successfully learned how to go Incognito on Instagram, you can now activate it to avoid people from stalking you.


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