How To Make a Group on Snapchat

how to make a group on snapchat

Today we have a guide on how to make a group on Snapchat and why is Snapchat such a popular social media messaging app with many fun features. 

As a rather popular app on social media platforms with a lot of fun features compared to other apps, when playing with Snapchat, you can also send and receive different snaps with different filters and other lenses so that you can create a group on Snapchat to share additional photos with all of your friends. The best part of all is making different groups based on various categories. 

How to Make a Group on Snapchat

Creating a Snapchat group is also relatively simple; if you wonder how to make a group on Snapchat, double tap on the three dots in the chat option. After that, you have to click on the new chat group inside and find the opportunity for you to make a new chat group. Once you double-tap on the create group section, you will have to pick the different users you want to put in the Snapchat group. 

What Does It Mean by Creating a Snapchat Group? 

Making a Snapchat group means that you can chat with about a hundred different users at one time. Moreover, all of these 100 friends can share their Snapchat all at one time. You can also share different activities like playing other games, sharing various memes, and calling up to 16 people at one go. 

How Do You Create A Group On Snapchat? 

Making a group on Snapchat has relatively simple, straightforward procedures, where you can make a group from other Snapchat chat groups by following a few different steps. If you are unsure what steps are needed to create a group on the social media platform, you can follow the additional steps that we mention below. 

Step 1: Open up the Snapchat App 

On the device, first, open up the Snapchat app. Make sure you have the latest version of Snapchat

Step 2: Tap on the Chat Bubble Icon 

Open the Snapchat app, and you can see the default Snapchat camera, tap on the icon to open the chat bubble from the left side of the bottom of your screen. 

Step 3: Click on the Edit Chat Button 

Now that you have managed to get things done, double tap on the chat list, and you can see your and your friend’s chat list right after that, and double tap on the Chat Edit button from the navigation button on the top corner of the right side of the page. 

Step 4: Double Tap on New Group 

Under the chat edit, you will view ‘new chat’ and ‘new group’ under the chat edit—double-tap on New Group to create a new Group on Snapchat. 

Step 5: Click on Your Friend’s Username 

After tapping on the new group, you can see a long list of friend lists. Now, pick on two different lists to start a new group. 

Step 6: Double-tap on Chat with Group 

Finally, double tap on the Chat With Group button when you have picked the right friends to create a new group. Make sure that you make the correct text in the group, or you cannot create a group. 

How Do You Create A Group with Different Friends on Snapchat? 

Once you intend to create a Snapchat group chat and send Snapchat Streaks with all your friends in one go, you have to make a group on Snapchat and go through the different steps that we have mentioned below. 

  1. Open up the app on the social media platform. 
  2. Once you ask, login into the account. 
  3. Login to the account, and you will see the Snapchat camera. 
  4. Click on the icon of the Chatbox from the bottom side of the navigation panel. It will pop up in the Chatbox. 
  5. Click on the icon for Chat-Edit from the top part of the screen page. 
  6. You can also see New Chat and double tap on New Group. 
  7. Scroll down and pick 31 friends you wish to put in the group. 
  8. Click on the button to chat with the group. 

This is the right way to create a group on Snapchat. Did you miss any other friends when you added them to the group? Do not worry, and you can put all the other friends after creating a new group. Follow all the steps that we mention below. 

How Do You Add Different Friends and Your Whole Group of Friends to the Snapchat Group at One Go? 

  1. Open the app on the Snapchat device. 
  2. Go to the section on the Chatbox area. 
  3. Now, on the whole, chat list, tap on Group Name. 
  4. Open up the Chatbox and go to Group Profile. 
  5. Click on Add Members. 
  6. View the friend list 
  7. To add a few friends, scroll down, tap on the friend’s username, and click DONE. 
  8. View your newly added friend list on Group Members 

Do you miss adding your friends while creating a new group on Snapchat? Here we have a few different steps to putting your friends into the group after making a group. You can add one friend or a few friends at one go when you finally create a group. 

Where Do You Find Your Group Created with Snapchat? 

Before you attempt to find a group, make sure you are in the group you just created. It is relatively simple to find a group you have created on Snapchat. To access your group, we have a different set of steps to be used. 

  • Open up the App. 
  • Double-tap on the Chatbox from the bottom part of the navigation section. 
  • Now you will see the chat option. 
  • Scroll down and search for the group name. 
  • Double-tap on the search icon that is next to the bitmoji icon. 
  • Type the name of the created group, and you will find it immediately. 

Now that you finally exited the group, you will no longer see the group chat on the chat list.  

Final Verdict 

Many people are involved in the whole group, and many people do not know how to customize the settings in the group set up correctly. Hopefully, you learned something in today’s guide.  


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