How to Go Live on TikTok on iPhone

how to go live on tiktok on iphone

TikTok has about one billion active users across the globe, and the number will keep growing. If you are out of the loop, the amount of usage is rather staggering, but there are many good reasons why so many teenagers are addicted to the app.

At the start of 2020, we have gone through why TikTok has so many dedicated users. However, to get rapid growth, we also wanted to explore why the app caused so many users to spend so much time scrolling on the TikTok feed.

It is Easy to Do Live Streaming on TikTok

What You Should Know

Tap on the Plus sign on the bottom part of the application, then tap on the Live button sitting on the Record button’s side. Key in a title for the stream and tap on the button to Go Live.

You might also have an option to schedule Live Streams properly, or you can Go Live on the platform together if you wish to stream with your contacts.

To ensure that you are protected and secure, you do not have anything in the video that gives out your location. Make sure to turn off your location services and set up a personal account.

The guide explains how you can live stream on TikTok. Some instructions apply to both Apple and Android devices. Learning how to go live on TikTok on iPhone can never be easier.

How You Can Go Live on the TikTok Platform

If you meet the needed requirements, then going live on the platform is a simple and fast method.

  1. Launch the TikTok app and double tap on the Plus button at the bottom part of the screen.
  2. Tap on the Live part next to the recording section on the screen video.
  3. Key in a title for the live stream. Once you get ready for the title, tap on the Go Live button to start the live stream.

Some keywords are also censored on TikTok, like “donation” or the “follow” button. Ensure you know the methods to properly give your streams the right title and avoid certain terms.

TikTok Limitations on Going Live

Although this feature is rather simple to use, there are also limitations for security and privacy purposes. For example, users below the age of 16 cannot host a live stream on TikTok.

To use the right feature, you must have about 1000 fans, although it depends on which country you are from. However, this feature is also considered to be in test mode. It is also not clear if there is a time frame for how long the live stream will be.

Live Events

TikTok users who qualify for the right live streams can also create events that can go Live and a less spontaneous version of the original Live feature. The tool lets you schedule a proper session and advertise it to ensure that many people will attend and get the notifications once these Live Events begin.

Go Live Together

Another option you can pick is the Go Live Together, which is a streaming version of the Duets tools. With the feature, multiple accounts can join a similar broadcast.

TikTok Safety Tips

Are you planning to go live on the social media platform? It is crucial to know that you should stay online and be private in mind while you do so. Here are some useful tips to see once you create your new videos live.

  • Take care of your data. When you live stream, make sure that you avoid giving away private data like your location data. Also, make sure that you give away personal data in the background of different videos of landscapes or other things that give away your whereabouts.
  • Turn off location services. Turn off this feature, and it will prevent other people from pinpointing your real location when you begin streaming.
  • Avoid any distractions from live streaming. Do not live stream when you are driving or operating anything that moves. It can cause a lot of accidents.

Trends of TikTok

Another large reason why the platform is so dominant is different trends, such as dance challenges for the latest songs or videos aligned with popular app filters. 

The algorithm will prioritize the content that will fit certain online trends that are trending at the moment. Since these hot trends also gain more engagement, many other users will join in and create more content that aligns with these trends.

Because of this, it has become a rather dominant method that songs gather streams and grow on the latest pop music charts, like the Billboard. Most of the past two years’ largest and most dominant hits originated from the latest TikTok trends. Sometimes, old songs can also get a large boost. 

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TikTok Communities

Lastly, TikTok is also home to a large range of content. Groups of clips and content creators that we call the “Tik Tok communities” are characterized by many different videos, audios, hashtags. For each niche that subject matters, there are a lot of users creating videos on that particular topic.

For instance, there is a whole TikTok subculture that people call the “Cottage-core” that focuses on fantasy aesthetics and many home videos in the woods. The entire TikTok communities have millions of views on laying bricks, mixing paint colours etc.

The whole topic diversity will also contribute to how large the userbase is, and viewers and content creators also come into the picture. It also motivates different businesses to join the app and promote their products properly. If you have doubts on the latest TikTok trends, try following different tips on Youtube.

Final Verdict 

Now that we have reached the end of the Tik Tok trends, we know how to go live on TikTok. Found the right method to go live? Try out our tactics today!


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