How To Get Someone Off Your Best Friends List on Snapchat

how to get someone off your best friends list

Tips on how to delete unwanted people on your Snapchat. We are showing you a long list of ways to achieve this. Today, we are offering you how to get someone off your best friends list on Snapchat.

When you think of how you to get someone off your best friends list, you might be thinking of many different methods to get rid of them. The platform that we are looking at today is Snapchat, and there it is a rather popular social media platform.

Snapchat lets people connect, and the social media app will let you see who is on your Best Friends list or just an ordinary friend. You should be able to view this list in the top right corner.

What does this signify? Can other people view the Best Friends list? The answer is a plain no. How do you manage to get rid of someone sitting on your Best Friend list? Read below.

Tips on How to Get Someone Off Your Best Friends List

The social media platform keeps a tag on the people you send Snapchat streaks and converse with. It will pop up on the main friend list, and you can get more access when you send another person a brand new snap.

So, how exactly do you get to determine who are the people sitting on your Best Friend list? It is rather simple.

For one, there is a Snap score for everyone on Snapchat, and if that person gets a lot of Snaps from you, they will automatically become your new Best Friend. If you have a lot of chats with that person, the person’s Snap score also goes up, and in the end, you will become best friends with that person. The more you chat and send Snap streaks, the more the person becomes closer to your Best Friend list.

To determine who gets to sit on your Best Friend list, Snapchat will go through all the Snap Scores of your friends in the right order of the friendship score of the Snapchat app.

What Are Snapchat “Friend Emojis”?

How do you determine who the people stuck on your Friend List are? These people will turn up on the top part of the Send To feature. You can also view their profile and check if they are part of your Best Friends.

The rest of the people in your friend’s list will be in your Snapchat app, and they are viewed based on alphabetic order. When you finally start swiping down to open your Chat screen, you can see many different contacts based on different emojis. These emojis will determine who is your Best Friend.

Emojis are used to determine what the person ranks in your Snapchat. If you use these different emojis in different chats and Snaps, you have to know what these different emojis mean to get the best out of all your conversations.

Best Friends on Snapchat: Your Questions Answered

Before you want to get rid of someone on the Best Friend list, let us cover up different questions and doubts about the various features of Snapchat.

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Can Other Users View Your Best Friends List?

Apart from going viral on Snapchat, you might also face some privacy issues so you might be thinking, how do I hide my Best Friends on Snapchat? No one else can view who is on your Best Friend list.

Before this, other people have managed to view who is on your Best Friend list. However, Snapchat detected this flaw and got rid of this feature for the sanity of all the Snapchat owners out there.

However, once you use different emojis, there might be some indication that you might still be Best Friends with the person.

How Many People Can Be Your Best Friend on Snapchat

About eight people can be listed as your Best Friend on Snapchat. Sometimes, if you only send snaps to a few people or have a few Snap friends, you might only have one or two Best Friends.

How to Get Rid of Snapchat Friends

The only person that can see your Best Friends is yourself.

However, sometimes something happens, and you want to delete that Best Friend. Depending on how much Snap or Chat you wish to have with the person, it is simple. Back in the past, you should be able to block another person and add them later, but the tactic does not work anymore.

There are three methods on how you can do this.

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How to Delete Friends on Snapchat

The first thing you wish to do is get rid of the friend completely. It might be your ex that you dropped two weeks ago, and you do not want to see anything related to them when you open the platform.

Swipe the chat feature to the camera’s left side, tap on the Best Friend profile icon, and double-tap Remove Friend. You can also block them if you wish to.

Getting rid of a friend is not permanent. It is simple to undo, and your Snapchat friend can still contact you if he wishes to. Blocking a Snapchat friend does the trick better. The person can no longer see your Snap Score, so maybe they will guess that you stopped them.

However, if you wish to remain friends, you don’t have to block them. You need to cut down the number of Snap streaks or snaps you are sending. It is a mania to send so many Snapchat streaks across repeatedly. It might be fun if you are a kid, but it might seem ridiculous for an adult.

You can send more snaps to another friend and turn them into your Best Friend instead.

If there are a lot of SnapStreaks, maybe you have up to eight Best Friends. Tired? Read on, and we have other things to say about deleting Best Friends!

Final Verdict

Deciding to get rid of one of your Best Friends? Follow our guide and start getting rid of some of your Best Friends today!


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