How Do You Recover Lost Snapchat Support Streaks

snapchat support streaks

You seem to have lost your Snapchat streak, and here we have methods to get it back.

First, you log in to Snapchat. There is a large fire symbol next to your friend’s name. The number keeps growing every day. Now you can enjoy the best Snapchat streak, and you have upgraded to become a Snapchat master!

There are methods on how you can get the Snapchat streak back.

How Do These Snapchat Support Streaks Function?

Let us start with the basics. Many do not know what Snapchat support streaks mean or their benefits. You need to understand how it functions to get your Snapstreak back.

It is not a solo effort that means anything. These streaks demonstrate how much friendship you put into the whole thing. You might have to rely on another person. 

Thus, you mean that you tell your friends that you wish to opt for doing a Snap Streak, or it might be an unsaid agreement.

A streak starts when both you and your friend send snaps to each other every day for three days in a consecutive manner. 

Once you have accomplished this, there will be a fire emblem next to the person’s name, along with a tally of how many days the Streak will last.

The rules are rather simple, and you have to send the person a Snap each day. After that, they have to respond to the Snap-in 24 hours. 

Chats do not count, nor do other Snaps sent on Snapchat Spectacles or Memories. Video calls also do not count. Videos that you put on Snap do, however.

You have to know that these are different individuals connecting, so sending a Snap to another group or adding one more individual to your My Story doesn’t make it a Streak.

Are there benefits in sustaining your Streak? Bragging rights. That is what you are aiming for.

Meanwhile, Snapchat is another numerical valuation of the amount of dedication you are to the social network; the more you play Snap, the higher the in-app score.

What Does Snapchat Streak Emojis Mean?

First, you must note that the emojis are not the same as the Trophies. Therefore, the more streaks that you take part in, the more likely you can get most of all the Snapchat Trophies.

After that, go to the chat function to see all the different contacts. Emojis will go with most of the names, and most of them will show up. 

It also depends on how many friends you have already added and how you communicate with them.

If you keep sending messages with other people, a smiley will pop up on the right of the person’s name. 

It will signify that you are best friends with the person. The whole symbol will appear when you try to participate in a Snap Streak with other people.

Once the Streak reaches 100 days, the platform will congratulate you by putting a 100 emoji icon on the flame symbol. Moreover, it also lists a large number of consecutive days that you have been on the platform.

No one is perfect, so sometimes someone might forget to send a Snap within 24 hours after you sent it to them. Snapchat has got this covered, as there is an hourglass emoji on the Streak number. If the hourglass pops up, send a Snapback.

However, if you are scared the other person has also forgotten to send a streak, send the person a message on the chat messenger, and hopefully, they check their notifications.

So how do you get a Snap Streak constantly moving forwards? You don’t have to make the whole Snap streak too precious. You might not have a lot of eventful things going on each day, so don’t be scared to snap the ceiling or your flower in your bedroom.

How to Recover a Snapchat Streak

Snapchat will recognize and appreciate the user base, so some things are beyond our control. That is why we can get our Snap Streak back.

First, you need to contact Snapchat.

What Are the Things That You Need to Know Before Obtaining Your Snap Streak Back

Before we go through various details, you need to know that there are certain things that you have to know before you can finally back your Snapchat Streak. You cannot do it regularly.

Do not get into losing the whole Streak and then appeal on Snapchat. The platform will not fall for it, and you might only be able to recover your Snap Streak back once, no matter how big-hearted the platform might seem.

Secondly, if many streaks have vanished, the whole method will only work with a single contact. There is also a limit of one username on each different submission. Make the Streak a priority.

How Do You Get Back a Snapchat Streak

Make sure to go for Snapchat support. There might be a long list of potential issues like the Snapstreaks has disappeared, a contact form will load, and you can read all the details about the Streaks. It will ask you to provide basic data about your account and the specifications of the Streak.

Make sure to put in as many different details as you can. Keep your fingers crossed and remember how many consecutive days the Streak has lasted; if you cannot do so, ask your friend how to do it. Make an estimate, and later write on the form and state that it is an approximation.

If you know the real date that you have lost the Streak, it is another piece of useful information. Thus, you can also say the problem might have occurred because you updated your Snapchat app.

Be honest with Snapchat. If the app won’t load, and you cannot send a Snap, maybe your Wi-Fi won’t load.

Make sure to send a request and try to wait for a response. You might not get one right away, and sometimes they don’t.

Final Words

Now that you have identified the problem, it is time to start sending Snap Streaks! Make sure to contact Snapchat if you lose them. Don’t worry; continue to use your Snapchat regularly!

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