How do I connect my Bluetooth on my Samsung Smart Tv

How do I connect my Bluetooth on my Samsung Smart Tv

For now, Samsung smart TVs are rather popular on the market. It has been decades, and Samsung has created a lot of gorgeous TV sets, and the brand has done a lot of work to keep up with the Smart TV trend. Many Samsung TVs and Smart TVs are compatible with Bluetooth because most TV devices are portable as well.

Asking yourself how to connect Bluetooth to my Samsung smart tv has become a trend. Here are methods to pair your Samsung TV with other devices with Bluetooth systems.

How to Connect Bluetooth to My Samsung Smart TV?

Before we go to the Bluetooth device to your Samsung TV, you might want to see if it has a Bluetooth connection.

  • The simplest way to check on your Bluetooth service is to check the right TV model number and look at the specs.
  • Another sign that the TV is capable of Bluetooth is using a Smart Remote. If your TV set comes with a Smart Remote, it will support Bluetooth and how it can pair with TV remotely.
  • Another method is to see if your TV has Bluetooth settings and then navigate to the Sound Output settings, where there is an option for a Bluetooth Speaker list, and whether your TV can use Bluetooth or not.
  • Finally, use your user manual with the TV set or get an online manual.

Adding Extra Bluetooth Support to A Samsung TV 

Although using a TV that has Bluetooth functions is other typical, other methods for using it on Samsung TVs do not support Bluetooth. 

Getting a Bluetooth adapter that connects the 3.5mm audio jack on an AUX audio port will do the trick properly. The adapter will link the TV to another Bluetooth device, even if the TV does not have Bluetooth features.

How To Pair A Bluetooth Device to Your Samsung TV

With many devices that come with cable support, using Bluetooth is also a simple alternative that will cut down the mess these cables create. Although the entire process is rather simple and the same as wireless headphones to your mobile device, you still have to handle the TV menus. The whole process might become rather frustrating.

The whole Bluetooth pairing process will mean accessing the connection guide and activating the Bluetooth pairing, picking the right device, and assessing the device and other images and steps that differ based on what model you are searching for.

  1. Navigate to the right source than to the connection guide using your remote.
  2. Pick the right category for the Bluetooth device, such as connecting to your Audio Device.
  3. Pick Bluetooth.
  4. Refresh the whole list on the TV if the device doesn’t show up.
  5. Highlight the Bluetooth device on the list, and Pair and Connect the devices on the screen.

Bluetooth and Samsung TVs 

As you can see, connecting the Bluetooth devices to the Samsung TV is also rather simple, and it will not take too long. Before you can move on and get a Bluetooth device, you can see if the Samsung TV is capable of Bluetooth. 

If it is not the case, you have a Bluetooth adapter; not all Bluetooth devices will work on many different Samsung TVs, like keyboards and computer mouse.

However, some of the latest Samsung TVs also support TVs and keyboards. Most of the devices nowadays can connect to the TV via Bluetooth.

How Do You Connect Bluetooth Devices to Your Samsung TV

Technically speaking, there are not many things to do so that you can enable Bluetooth to the Samsung Smart TV. Furthermore, these different steps should not be too complicated, regardless of how the device looks like, and the first thing you can do is connect the TV and pair it up. It will let the device link to the TV and pair it off. After that, enable the Bluetooth connection properly, and many devices come with a pairing button as well. Check the device’s manual for proper pairing mode instructions.

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