Computer Keyboard Stand for the GameCube

Keyboard Stand

Originally, the GameCube’s keyboard controller was too big and clunky to use, and it made playing the system less than ideal. Fortunately, it has now been converted into a fully functional mechanical keyboard. A full-size computer keyboard is available from Fully Retro for around $125. The company also ships to New Zealand and Australia. The gaming console itself costs about $200, so a keyboard is well worth the cost.

Original Buttons

While the GameCube keyboard retains the original buttons on the controller, it is significantly easier to press keys than the original. While it doesn’t look comfortable, the keyboard is more compact than the GameCube controller, and the chunky design isn’t uncomfortable to hold. This small device is one of the best parts of the beloved console, and the new accessory will make it even better. If you’re looking for a way to play your favorite games, a GameCube keyboard is a great option.


The keyboard controller can cost up to $200 from eBay, and you’ll need an original Nintendo accessory to complete the mod. You can purchase one used for about $200 online. Once you’ve purchased your device, you’ll need to disassemble the controller and install a metal tray. You’ll need to install new mechanical switches and replace the membrane keyboard panel with a new one. Once you’ve completed the mod, you’ll need to assemble the keycaps, which are available from a variety of websites.

Missing Buttons?

The GameCube keyboard controller is an ideal alternative for gamers who miss using the buttons on the controller. It has the same button layout as the original GameCube keyboard and can be used for driving, flying, and typing in GTA 5. The controller looks like it’s made of plastic, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Despite the chunky appearance, the GameCube keyboard isn’t that uncomfortable to hold. Whether it’s ergonomic or not, it won’t cause you any discomfort.


Using a GameCube keyboard for gaming has several advantages. The controller retains the buttons and is more compact than the original. However, it lacks wireless capabilities and rumble functionality. A keyboard with two controller ports will work for the console, which is more convenient for gamers. Besides, the GameCube keyboard is also compatible with other devices such as Xbox 360s. And if you want to make it even more functional, it can be modified to fit in with the current console.

Gaming Experience

Despite its choky appearance, a GameCube keyboard still retains the original buttons. It can be used as a gaming keyboard, whether you’re driving, flying, or typing in GTA 5. The GameCube keyboard controller is made of plastic, and it’s likely to be uncomfortable, but it still looks great and performs like the original. You can play games with it while playing the game on the go, and you’ll never lose control over your hands.


The keyboard of the GameCube is comfortable to use. The keyboard has a number of functions and can be used in GTA 5 games. It also has the original buttons of the controller. It’s a choky device, but it’s not uncomfortable to hold. There’s probably a lot of weight, but the keyboard isn’t as bulky as you might think. You’ll get a good grip on the controller, but it’s not as heavy as it looks.

Nintendo GameCube

If you’re looking for a more traditional keyboard, you should look at the Nintendo GameCube keyboard. It is made of high-quality materials and has the same layout and buttons as the original controller. The controls of the game console are identical, and the switches are all interchangeable. A few features, like the mouse, are unique to the GameCube. The original console had a unique design and the keypad was one of the most popular features.

How to Change the Color of Your Keyboard on Your iPhone

If you are a fan of the apple keyboard but don’t know how to change the color on your iPhone, you’re not alone. There are thousands of users that also want to change the color of their keyboard. Apple fans can change shortcut icons, widgets, and even the font of the keypad. Thankfully, it is fairly simple to change the color of the keyboard on your iPhone. All you need to do is open the Settings app and go to Display & Brightness. Scroll down and tap the Google voice typing option.

  • If you want to change the color of your keyboard, you can do so in the Settings menu. Most keyboards come with adjustable backlight modes, so you can use Fn and C to cycle through the colors. Similarly, you can use the keys Fn and C to change the color of your keyboard. This is a fun way to make your phone personal. You can also try changing the font color, too. In addition, you can customize the background color, as well.
  • You can also choose the backlight color of your keyboard. This is easy to do with a third-party app and can vary depending on the model you’re using. Alternatively, you can choose to use the default white or black backlight. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Android phone, you can use the official native keyboard to change the color of your keys. You can also try using a custom ringtone to make your keyboard look more stylish.
  • Changing the color of your keyboard is an easy way to give your phone a more personalized touch. With many phones, you can customize the backlight and switch it to the color of your choice. With a little creativity, you can make your phone’s keyboard stand out from the crowd. The keyboard backlight on your iPhone or iPad is an excellent way to customize the look of your device. You can also use the backlight to show off your favorite apps or games.

More Ways

Another way to change your keyboard is to change the backlight color. Many Android phones have customizable keyboards that you can customize by pressing Fn + C on your phone. This way, you’ll be able to find a color you like on your keyboard that matches your mood. You can also customize your phone’s buttons to fit the color of your phone’s backlight. The colors of your keys depend on the type of computer you have, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to customize the look of your device.

You can also change the backlight color of your keyboard. This feature can be easily customized with an Android application. Some smartphones come with customizable colors, while others have a static one. If you want to change the color of your phone’s keyboard, you should press Fn + C. Once you have selected the desired color, press Fn+C again to cycle through the colors. Choosing the right backlight mode is important.


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