5 Steps to Be a Superstar LinkedIn Professional! Get Job Offers Daily!

Be a Superstar LinkedIn Professional

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform on earth. More than 756 million people use this network for professional socializing, lead generation, career building, job applications, etc.

This network has a lot of potential because you will only look at qualified professionals to connect with them. But is this strategy right? In this article, we will discuss all the possible ways for you to make your LinkedIn account top notch.

Most of the LinkedIn users do not have a proper strategy to work on this network. That’s the reason, they just use this network like other social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram etc.

Motives of Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn users have different expectations from this platform. Do you know what the good news is? Most of them achieve their goals easily because of the high user friendliness of this application.

  • Have professional presence
  • To promote business
  • Generate Leads
  • Learn Skills
  • Hiring & building career

i) Have Professional Presence

Many people use LinkedIn just to have a presence in professional world. While having a business deal, many companies explore the LinkedIn account of a person with whom the deal is being done.

Your LinkedIn account is not only your ordinary profile, it’s your resume which carries your professional history.

Note: LinkedIn is not for students, it’s only for professionals i.e. employees, businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Few days ago, A Food panda rider share his work routine on LinkedIn, many LinkedIn users praised his respect for this professional gesture.

ii) To Promote Business

If you are running a business of any size, the LinkedIn company page is indispensable for you. LinkedIn allows company pages from 2–10 employees to hundreds of thousands of employees. The community on LinkedIn is business or career oriented. They love to know about companies, organizations, businesses etc.

There are different ways to promote your business on LinkedIn. LinkedIn also allows paid promotion of your business-like sponsored posts, brand awareness campaigns etc.

Note: For startups, paid organic campaign is necessary because it is the best medium to advertise their business to a massive quality audience.

iii) Generate Leads

LinkedIn lead generation is very popular in this century. Every type of business needs a quality lead. To quench this link generating thirst, LinkedIn introduced a separate add on feature i.e. Sales Navigator.

In Sales Navigator, you can search leads and filter them based on their designation, title, geographical details etc. Sales Navigator is used by business development and sales professionals to generate and interact with leads.

Note: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not free, it comes up with a price of $75 per month.

iv) Learn Skills

Learning is never halted, it’s a continuous process. Can you believe that, CEOs of many organizations all over the world use the LinkedIn learning feature to enhance their skills? LinkedIn partnered with Lynda to deliver the best learning experience.

up $19.99 per course or you may have a monthly subscription of $29.99.

v) Hiring & Building Career

LinkedIn allows Human Resources (HR) department of any company to create a recruiter account. Job posting on LinkedIn is bit expensive just to ensure the authenticity of job. It is easy to say that LinkedIn jobs are much authentic than other job posting sites.

People who are looking for jobs can easily explore the jobs section and apply for the relevant vacancies.

Best LinkedIn Networking Practices

To get the best experience on LinkedIn, just follow the below practices.

i) Complete Your Profile

To complete your profile on LinkedIn, follow the below steps;

  • Add a professional profile picture. Professional doesn’t mean you have to add a passport style picture. It means, your face should be visible. Most people like to have a color background. It is best to edit your profile picture before uploading.
  • Add a cover image, try to create a distinct cover image using free online editing tools like Canva, Crello etc. Try to add colors in your picture which compliments your profile picture.
  • Add a suitable tagline. If you are working somewhere, first add position with company, then your additional skills like ‘Senior Technical Writer at Alchemative’ then after that you can add your more skills.
  • Add your educational background and certifications (if any) with detailed descriptions. Long descriptions are good to fill the most of your profile page.
  • Add your work experience again with a bit long description

ii) Recommendations for Effects Rather Than Permits

Recommendations are LinkedIn equivalent to ‘like’ on Facebook. They are very easy to assemble and take less time to add, so their value decreases. That is why there are currently more than 1,000,000,000 logins on the network.

LinkedIn even encourages you to add more recommendations on the qualities you may not have when working with that person.

Lots of purposeful and complete recommendations. The simple fact that a recommendation takes a long time to complete makes it a very important indicator of marketing of your product.

A recommendation will usually provide an explanation for the reasons behind why you received such an indication.

It is best to request your connection with the recommendation, as long as you do not use the default message.

Remember, you are asking someone for their time, (who may not have much), to help you for free. By showing that you take the time to ask questions correctly, you will increase your chances of getting such sanctions.

iii) Join Yourself with Groups, Bands and Other People

‘His and they will come’ does not apply to LinkedIn. You need to be actively involved in other areas of the network in order to be aware of and expand your network.

The target can be a specific industry, interest, or product (or all of this). Depending on the size of the yard, only one or two toys will fit.

Sharing unique or personal content, asking and answering questions, and engaging in discussions will help you find and connect with users of similar interests.

If you donate and share the content you produce it will show your interest in the business if you can seek job opportunities with them in the future.

iv) Create a Wise, Effective Communication

There is an article on a popular website that says you should have no less than 500 contacts. To get to this number you are encouraged to contact everyone you have ever met and build a great network, but ultimately meaningless.

What you end up with is a large percentage of connections that you will never meet or share again and you also have no professional communication to it.

This weak connection will not take long to compliment you and you probably will not know what to compliment you on as you have not spoken to them for so long.

Leave the above strategy blank and focus on building meaningful and rewarding communication. If you have a network of people, you are in constant contact with and will happily compliment you then you will be much better.

v) Don’t forget to update your LINKEDIN PROFILE URL

A simple change to your profile that is often overlooked is the URL of your profile. The default given is not all memorable, but fortunately, it can be easily changed.

Be sure to change it immediately before you start adding it to other profiles, email signatures, and business cards.

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