5 Best VPNs for Windows Laptops and Desktop PCs

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You can pick many VPNs from Windows, so getting the right VPN for your desktop computer might be challenging. However, you will still need a VPN for different Windows devices because it is a relatively well-known operating system, which makes it a good target for hackers. 

Moreover, the Microsoft privacy policy also states that it collects your computer’s information automatically, so you must be aware of it. Here we have top picks for getting the top free VPNs that are all open source software.

Best VPNs for Windows

1. Express VPN

  • It is fast, and there is no limit to the internet bandwidth.
  • There are multiple servers in different countries.
  • You can connect to five devices at the same time.
  • It is compatible with almost all Windows OS and Apple OS as well.

In each category, ExpressVPN is the top choice for creating a better Windows user experience. It will also ensure you are safe from hackers, government bodies, and others spying on your information. Many servers have many other unlocking abilities that let you properly watch the best streaming platforms. It also has excellent speeds from different server locations, allowing you to stream without buffer and browse without delays.

It also comes with a ton of different features to protect the computer. The online activity gets screwed up with proper encryption, making it impossible to read. It also has a network lock switch and acts as a last line of defense, so if the VPN disconnects without any warning, no data will leak out accidentally. Moreover, split tunneling lets the person pick the traffic through a VPN tunnel so that people can access other local news while other activities have been encrypted.

Moreover, the VPN offers IP and other leak protection, and it runs its own private DNS server with unlimited internet speed. It is impressive that after testing the VPN on the laptop, there were still no leaks detected when handling the VPN connection.

Strong privacy features and a no logs policy make ExpressVPN an excellent VPN service to pick from. It is an easy service to handle your data with. They use a safer, unique technology because different sessions will wipe out every time the server reboots. There are also VPN clients to pick from.

The policy has also been audited, and Turkish authorities took down the ExpressVPN server but could not find any data. There is also no trace of online activity on it.

It is also based in a country that does not have privacy issues, so it doesn’t record data at all. The headquarters are in the British Virgin Islands, and the whole country has a law that says that data retention is illegal. The platform is dedicated to protecting your privacy.

There are also fast connection speeds; you can watch games and stream on Windows devices without slowing down.

2. CyberGhost

  •  It has fast speed and unlimited speed bandwidth.
  • There are many servers across many different countries.
  • Seven devices are connected at one go.
  • Compatible with all devices.

The Window app is simple to use, especially if you need a VPN for unlocking the streaming sites. The servers are also well organized, and getting a particular server based on a different accessible server and which country it belongs to is simple. When carrying out speed testing, people are granted instant access. There are also other streaming services, but there were no slowdowns or connectivity problems. If you want a free trial, it is also available with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

People can also play games and other torrent files with specialized servers. When using the US torrent server, the user downloaded the files much faster than on a standard server. The gaming server was great, and it was easier to pick a low-ping server.

A server with lower ping rates is better, so the inputs are not delayed with different gaming servers based on the whole ping.

It has fast speeds that give you a good streaming experience too. VPN servers are tested in different locations on the Windows PC to test how fast it is. Different average speeds do not drop below 40 Mbps either; there is only a requirement for 5Mbps, as well as HD streaming, and users could use Netflix HD without lagging.

CyberGhost also comes with high security and different privacy features to give data protection on other Windows PCs. It also provides proper grade encryption and leak protection to maintain data privacy. There is also a properly built-in advertisement and malware blockage, which disables advertisements and other malicious content from hurting the Windows computer. It is based in Romania and has a no-logs policy. It is where different NoSpy servers are placed, and it is wholly owned differently for extra security. It is user-friendly with unlimited data speeds as well. You can unblock Netflix with unlimited connection speeds as well.

However, CyberGhost does not work in China or UAE. The short-term plans are relatively expensive, and there is also a long-term plan where you can get the VPN for less than 3 USD a month. These plans are the best value with an additional money-back guarantee on different long-term goals. After using this VPN for about 40 days, a test user contacted support for a 24/7 live chat and requested a refund. The customer service asked why the user wasn’t satisfied, but there was no pressure to continue staying. People refunded money immediately.

3. Private Internet Access

  • It is an encrypted software that is military grade with an ad blocker built-in.
  • It has more than 20k servers that are across 84+ countries.
  • Ten devices are connected at a time.
  • Unblocks most platforms, like Netflix, Disney, and BBC iPlayer.
  • It matches all devices.

PIA also prevents advertisements and other lousy content from loading on the Windows machine. To test the whole feature, there is a website filled with ads on the Windows computer, which blocks most of the advertisements on the page. There are also better loading times. Therefore, please turn it on for a better browsing experience with extra protection against malware.

It is a platform with many robust security features to take care of online privacy on different Windows devices. It has a kill switch that blocks out all internet traffic when the VPN connection disconnects, and there is encryption that protects any data from other hackers as well. There were also leakage tests, but there were no unwanted data leaks.

It also has an extensive server network that lets people watch different geo-restricted content. During various tests, there were other streaming platforms on the platform, with six Netflix libraries, and most of the sites loaded immediately with a US server and the UK server. Hulu won’t work initially, but people switched it to the US East server, and users were granted access.

Speeds are also good enough for gaming and torrenting on the Windows device. While doing tests, there were nine US, UK, and Canada locations. The rate hovered at 33 MBPS, which is not as fast as other VPNs, but The user also downloaded the torrent file of 3GB in less than 10 minutes.

A reliable money-back guarantee also backs it. If you do not like it, there are 30 days to get a refund. The agent refunded it immediately, and the money took about five days to reach the bank account.

4. IPVanish

  • Good speeds and no-limit data bandwidth.
  • More than 2000 servers across 75 countries.
  • Connect to more than ten devices simultaneously.
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, and Disney.
  • Compatible with different devices.

It is not easy to get offers for this VPN, but you are lucky if you find one. There are discounts applied automatically as well.

During various tests, the Windows laptop is connected and the mobile device and tablet. The connection on the device was linked in 7 seconds. After that, the user watched YouTube Videos while the Windows Laptop downloaded a movie. There were no slower download speeds or buffering on different videos. It is a good feature if you want a VPN in a large house.

It has intense speeds, where people can stream and get torrents without bad slowdowns. There are also different servers in other places across the globe, but the download speed on this VPN was fast enough for HD and 4K streaming simultaneously.

5. Private VPN

  • High Speeds and no bandwidth issue.
  • Two hundred servers in almost every country.
  • Ten simultaneous devices are connected at the same time.
  • Netflix, Disney, Hulu unlock.
  • Compatible with different Windows devices.

It has a stealth mode ideal for crossing internet restrictions and extensive firewalls. It is made to work in countries with a lot of online censorship, like China. When using the stealth mode, you hide that you are utilizing a VPN. It is also meant for school and work networks, and it is simple and easy to use.


Wrapping Up

Now you know which VPNs are good to use, it is time to start getting these top VPNs today!


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