4 Methods to Recover Deleted Notes Mac Users Should Know

Recover Deleted Notes

Notes are one of the most useful tools on Mac that allow users to quickly note down their thoughts and ideas. Mac users can save their notes locally on Hard Drive or online on Apple’s official cloud service. If you have accidentally deleted any important notes on your Mac, then do not worry.

You can easily recover deleted notes Mac computers had using several methods. Keep on reading this post to learn easy ways to get the task done. 

How to View Recently Deleted Notes?

If you want to see recently deleted notes on Mac, click Recently Deleted in the Notes app. Now, select the note and choose any of the three options. You can transfer a note from the Recently Deleted folder to a different folder located in the MacBook’s sidebar.

To remove a recently deleted note, tap the Delete button. To permanently delete a recently deleted note, click Delete or open the note and replace all content. By doing this, you will delete the data inside the notes to ensure better security.

Different Ways to Recover Deleted Notes

Deleted notes on the Mac are stored in the Recently Deleted folder for 30-40 days. If you can’t restore notes within this duration, you have to use reliable recovery software to restore the required note.

For gaining quick access to other important information, most people bookmark significant links. Bookmarking is of great significance to get to the information instantly, and there are plenty of tutorials on how to bookmark on Mac in case you need to learn more.

To better improve the recovery chances, stop the use of your Mac instantly and turn off the internet connection. Not only notes, if any of the data gets accidentally deleted from your Mac, stop using it immediately, else you may overwrite data which leads to permanent deletion.

Restore Notes From Time Machine Backup

This native application keeps a dedicated backup of system storage. You can restore notes to Mac storage using this app. Hit the Apple icon and tap System Preferences. Click Time Machine to open it. Enable Show Time Machine and visit the menu.

Tap on the Time Machine to enter it. Avoid the use of any third-party tool. Now, you can see all stored data. Browse the stored data by scrolling to the left. Select the notes and click Restore. All the selected notes will be restored on your Mac.

Recover Notes From iCloud Drive

iCloud provides access to notes remotely and works the same as the Time Machine for notes recovery. You can get back removed notes from the Recently Deleted folder within 30 days. To use this method, turn off iCloud syncing and navigate to System Preferences.

Access iCloud on the bottom and unmark the Notes box. Log in using Apple ID on iCloud. Now, open Notes and find the deleted notes. Tap Recover to get deleted notes on your Mac. The best thing about iCloud Drive is that it allows instant access to data when needed.

Track Notes in Recently Deleted Folder

As discussed above, the deleted notes don’t move to the Trash Bin. Instead, they’re stored in the Recently Deleted folder. They might still be available in the app if they disappeared last month. To restore lost memos, launch the Notes App.

Select Recently Deleted from the sidebar and choose the note you want to restore. Click the top menu bar, select Edit, and then click Undo Trash Note. Or, right-click on a note and select the folder in which you want to recover it.

Access Deleted Notes in .storedata

The .storedata files temporarily store vital information on Mac’s Library folder. To recover deleted notes Mac had, open Finder. Click the Go and Go to Folder on the Apple menu bar. Type ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.Notes/Data/Library/Notes/ and click Return.

Now, copy NotesV7.storedata and NotesV7.storedata-wal and store them in another location. Convert the extensions to .html. Click twice on .html files to simply open them. Make sure to back up your important files so that you can restore them in case anything goes wrong.

How to Prevent Notes Deletion on Mac?

To prevent notes from being deleted on Mac, keep them safe from drive corruption, virus threats, and other damages. You can prevent their loss by making non-sync PDF copies of crucial notes. Turn off the internet connection to avoid permanent deletion. 

Click the Apple menu bar in the Notes app and then tap File and Export as PDF. Back up your notes by enabling Time Machine as well as iCloud. It keeps notes automatically saved in the background. Backup notes through iCloud before updating macOS.  

The Conclusion

Notes are one of the most significant and widely used apps to make life much easier. The busier and hectic schedule is letting more and more people jot down several pieces of information on various notes. If you realize that you’ve deleted an important note, then opt for any of the methods discussed above to get notes back.


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